6GEN Liberty/Legacy 3.6R Supercharger System

A refined and powerful supercharger option for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty 6GEN w/EZ36R engine and CVT transmission 2015 - 2018 year models

These cars are truly magnificent examples of Subaru engineering and style, now it is possible to significantly enhance the torque and power with a simple bolt on SC kit.

Suits Legacy and Liberty 3.6R– Globally

This kit has exceptional features that no other manufacturer can ever provide - Get Raptor - Get the technology. The CVT transmission that this car features means that when full power is required, the boost of the centrifugal supercharger is kept at a near constant pressure meaning the same effect as if a big positive displacement supercharger was fitted, except 2x more efficient at high power ratings.

ECU TUNE is additional cost - ask about this when you enquire

This kit ships to all countries of the world

DIY system - This system proven extremely reliable, torque output matched to the CVT capacity

Cat back exhaust system is minimum requirement for SC system to develop strong power increase - Raptor performance headers are needed to realise the full advertised power of the system - an extra $299.00

NON Intercooled kit now available - May 2018


• Sub 6.0 second 0-100kmh acceleration - CVT enhanced
• Proven Raptor VLCBX Supercharger for use on Subaru vehicles
• Reflash ECU - tuning support for customers Globally
• Very easy fitment - minimal tools needed
• Kit fits under existing engine covers
• Completely and easily reversible
• Fitment time DIY - allow yourself 1 day for relaxed install
• Will fit all Legacy and Liberty 3.6R Globally
• 1 Year warranty on Supercharger system parts

Parts included: (depends on which kit you purchase)

• Belt, bracket and drive system for SC kit
• Air filter sock for dusty conditions
• Quiet water cooled supercharger
• Raptor VLCBX Supercharger (liquid cooled) or R series for high power kit.
• Air Filter - cold air pick up
• Plumb back Blow off valve - 32mm
• 565cc – 600cc injectors (Bosch or Denso)
• New MAF meter mount
• Drive belt and additional idlers
• intercooling radiator and high flow pump


Pricing - there are 3 kits to choose from - V series supercharger

Non Intercooled 98 octane and E85 kit (**extra cost for injectors and pump for E85) See next image down. Fitting time - approx. 2hrs

Description H6 3.6 ProStreet  NON intercooled & E85
Engine Kw  300 (350+ if E85)
Wheel Kw 200 - 220kw+
PSI Boost 5- psi
% Power Gain 40%




Intercooled 98 octane fuel - V series Supercharger (approx. fitting time 6-7hrs)

No picture yet

Description H6 3.6 ProStreet Premium INTERCOOLED
Engine Kw 340 - 370 Kw +
Wheel Kw 230 - 260 Kw
PSI Boost 7- 9 psi
% Power Gain 60% ++


R series Supercharger Intercooled - Air to Air intercooled (special order) not recommended for CVT

Description H6 3.6 ProStreet INTERCOOLED
Engine Kw 380 - 410 Kw +
Wheel Kw 260 - 320 Kw
PSI Boost 10 psi
% Power Gain 60% ++