Subaru XV and Crosstrek 2012 – 2014 (early 2015)

Raptor Superchargers Impreza XV Sti Supercharger system is now available for sale worldwide. This excellent little car from Subaru lacks only one thing – decent engine power. This supercharger kit, the first to be released is the Sti kit (Supercharger Tuned intercooled), specially tuned for maximum torque and exhilarating power, takes you anywhere with confidence.

This extremely high specification system features a water to air intercooler system in addition to the liquid cooled supercharger system.

Totally safe for use on the standard engine.

Tuning cost is additional (see options) - allow AUD $850.

All pipe work, brackets and most of supercharger will be finished in black - to blend in with engine, factory like appearance

There is a 8psi or 10psi pressure stage option (contact Raptor for pricing on 10psi)

**Will NOT fit the 2015/2016/2017 models. A model specific system will be made for the 2015 + vehicles at a later time   - 6.4 secs 0-100 at 10psi



• First FB20/FB25 Supercharger kit
• Increase torque from stock 196 - supercharged 260 Nm
• Simplicity of the Supercharger system
• No Supercharger maintenance needed
• DIY suited
• Direct bolt on
• Very suitable for dirt road road and water crossings

Parts included

• Raptor VLC Supercharger
• 32mm compressor bypass valve (BOV)
• Brackets, belt and idlers
• Dual Stage air filter system
• All intake and discharge piping
• WTA Intercooler assembly/system
• Engine breather system
• High Flow 440cc injectors
• High flow 255 lph fuel pump
• Enclosed air filter system
• Ultra chill Water to air radiator


• Tactrix Open Port 2.0 Reflash tool
• Clutch pulley for supercharger (for offroad race)
• Iridium TT (twin tip) spark plugs
• Upgrade Supercharger to VLCB specification (higher boost)
• Remote tuning support to optimise engine power output



Description New Impreza, XV, Crosstrek - Sti Supercharger
Engine Kw 170 - 180 Kw
Wheel Kw 125 - 135 Kw
PSI Boost 10 psi
% Power Gain 63% +

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