An Australian first - 1GRFE DENSO mapping your ECU remotely (in other words, you do it at your place with our help)

Gain the fullest driving performance possible from your stock Hilux ,Prado or FJ Cruiser, extend your vehicles capabilities offroad with the extra available torque and throttle response. The onroad performance gains allow you to hold gears longer and maintain your travelling speed more consistently through the hills, when towing and against head winds.


All Hilux V6 models (manual & automatic, 2WD and 4WD) between 2005 - 2012

This model of Hilux features the v1GRFE engine

The chart below indicates the typical gains (fuel at time of mapping was 98 Unleaded)

Gain 40Nm torque and 15Kw engine power - taking engine power to 195kw

Runs perfectly on 95 Octane ethanol fuel (a very cheap fuel), 95 Unleaded and 98 unleaded fuels.

For Hilux you mail us your ECU ($880) or you can order an exchange ECU - turn around time 1-4 days

Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2015 4.0 V6 - usable gains at every rpm point. Optimised performance and lower fuel usage

Tuning for Prado, FJ Cruiser, V6 70 series Landcruiser (UAE)


Experience improvements in drivability and performance when you remap your own car with the most advanced Personal Remapping Programmer on the market. The programming process is simple and intuitive. Your cars new tuning file is written and developed by DEM AUTOMOTIVE,  world leading Toyota V6 tuning professionals


Prado 120 series - 40Nm gain and 18hp - improvements right across the operating range

PowerGate tuner and one tune - $1280 + $15 postage


2006 - 2009 VVTI models

95/98 (89/91 USA) tune

FJ Cruiser first series - all models which feature man or auto trans, and 2 or 4WD

Gain 40Nm torque and 15Kw engine power - taking engine power to 195kw

Auto Transmission remapping to give more timely shifts and better holding in the 5th gear

Runs perfectly on 95 Octane ethanol fuel (a very cheap fuel), 95 Unleaded and 98 unleaded fuels

This FJ 2007 model is remapped by Raptor

PowerGate tuner and one tune - $1280 + $15 postage


2011 - 2018 DVVTI models

95/98 Octane tune (see the respective charts for each fuel type)

The gains are big, they are a strong (35% increase in torque around 2750rpm) in the low end rpm range, if you tow anything anywhere this tune is a must have with gains of this magnitude. Peak power up enormously too (tune and mods)

If you off-road and need more grunt everywhere in the rpm range (esp low to mid torque), this is your very next mod. If you just want to further enjoy driving your FJ without all of its crazy gear shifting antics of the stock calibration, this tune is essential for your vehicle

This remap is a serious performance increase, you will be stunned at the smoothness and the power/torque gains - and the maddening gear hunting will be gone forever.

The OEM knock sensing strategies are retained in full and are 100% active - for OEM engine protection

Some of the changes made:
* Revised torque limits for all gears- especially first gear

* Stronger holding of 5th gear (prevents gear hunting on grades or when towing)

* Improved shift pattern
* air fuel ratios tuned for a balance of power and economy

* Optimised VVT angles (intake and exhaust)
* +250rpm rev limit

Incredible everyday performance gains (over a completely stock vehicle), 65 t0 90Nm gains in torque across rpm range and a gain of UP TO 50Hp over a stock vehicle on 91 octane fuel!! Air box mod (cutting restrictions out of stock airbox) or airbox upgrade Airaid or TRD needed for the max power gains.

** Special note, if your vehicle has a TRD or Airaid intake system your power gains at the peak rpm will be the same when you compare stock to tuned (and same as Raptor numbers give or take a small number). Your tuning gains will be all in the low and mid rpm only and to a lesser degree - the remap repairs the  low/mid range torque hole that the high intakes cause, smoothing out the /toque power delivery so power is constant. You also importantly still gain full the benefits of the significantly improved automatic gearbox shift strategy

91/95 tune  65 - 90Nm gain for torque and up to 50Hp total power gain

98 Octane tune (strictly 98 fuel)

Specific to the use of 98 fuel exclusively so as to take the fullest advantages of this fuels properties.

PowerGate tuner and one tune - $1280 + $15 postage


ECU MAIL IN (only for HILUX up to 2014)

If you mail us your ECU, we remap the ECU with the tune for $880 + $15  Express Post it to you - turn around time is 1-4 days

Mail your ECU to:


Po Box 768

Gordonvale Qld 4865

Information to include with your ECU:

Your full name and address, email address and ph number

Vehicle modifications (exhaust, intake, etc)


PowerGate (Late Hilux, Prado 120/150 and FJ)

Suits Hilux V6 2012 onwards, Prado 120 and 150 and FJ Cruiser

One PowerGate per vehicle. The PowerGate locks to the first vehicle it is connected to for life. Each vehicle (if you own 2 or more) must have its own PowerGate. We offer a reduced price on the 2nd PowerGate if you purchase 2 at a time

The handheld PowerGate tuner and tune (remap) is $1280 + $15 Express Post

Other information:


Raptor Performance accepts no responsibility for direct or indirect losses which the Purchaser may suffer in consequence of defective material or workmanship and we shall be under no liability for loss or damage arising out of use of the goods in any way whatsoever in relation thereto

Warranty of the PowerGate

All supplied hardware has a 12-month warranty, if item fails within 12 months from date of purchase it will be either replaced or you will receive a refund in full for the item only

PowerTrain warranty

Raptor Performance offers you a PowerTrain warranty starting at an additional $495. Contact us for further details on this option