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Ford Falcon BA – BF 4.0 KITS

Increase the power of your BA – BF, with a simple bolt on system
Have you got all the NA goodies and still wanting for much more, the supercharger system will compliment all the NA mods you already have while adding that huge torque/power increase you want

The 320Ekw – 400Ekw of refined power is not a compromise in anyway, just solid power to accelerate your vehicle like you expect. It’s a very easy DIY and everything is included – all you need to do is organise for the vehicle to be tuned on a dyno with a tuner who uses PCMTEC software

All fabricated kit parts are finished in textured black powdercoat

If you like to run a raised rpm limit please let us know in advance and we will customise a supercharger for your application.

**Kit has been found to support 400rwhp on the vehicles of several customers – when appropriate supporting modifications are added – such high flow exhaust system



  • • Suit all BA-BF Sedans, utes and RTV ute
  • • Self install with basic tools
  • • Factory drivability
  • • No oil connections to engine for supercharger.
  • • Very torquey, impressive mid range power – constant torque
  • • Fit SC hardware in 4 – 7 hr
  • • 9 – 11 psi Boost Pressure (there are high boosting options also)


Parts included

  • • Complete kit including 2 Bar MAP sensor and 60lb injectors
  • • High strength steel mounting brackets in black
  • • 6 Rib drive belt with additional idler
  • • Raptor VL30 Supercharger unit (optional clutch) also can upgrade to high performance impeller
  • • Black wrinkle finish pipework or optional polished pipework
  • • High flow pod filter
  •   Fuel pump (supplied as a bonus)


DescriptionBA – BF ProStreet VL30 supercharger No Tune
Engine Kw300 – 400 Kw Potential
Wheel Kw235 – 300 Kw
PSI Boost9.0 – 10 psi
% Power Gain60%++



DescriptionBA – BF ProStreet w/VLBX30 Supercharger (no tune)
Engine Kw330 – 440 Kw Potential
Wheel Kw260 – 340 Kw
PSI Boost11 – 13 psi
% Power Gain60%++