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Supercharger systems for the Holden Ecotec V6, the Raptor systems are unmatched in developing terrific power gains for a reasonable price. The systems are finished in black for a stealth/integrated appearance

Memcal is provided with every kit – plug and play, do it all in your driveway in a weekend

As a side note we recommend all automatic transmission cars being fitted with Raptor Intercooled systems should have a Stage 1 shift kit installed for best transmission performance.

These systems are not matched for performance for $$$ by any other system available.

This system is suitable for stroker V6 engines if the supercharger is ordered with optional billet impeller (2 types of billet compressor impeller are available)

Boost pressures are 10psi for the ProStreet kit and then you can option up to 14psi boost with upgrades


• Simple fitting
• Pro Street most powerful bolt on kit with supporting MEMCAL
• Big Torque improvement
• Excellent cruise fuel economy
• DIY in a day
• Most simple to fit SC system for Holden V6
• Out powers all other blower systems on power per psi
• Supercharger has some excess capacity for stroker motors


Parts included

• Raptor VL-30 Supercharger
• 6 x 36lb injectors
• Brackets and pipework
• Coil relocation bracket/s
• Pod filter
• Tuned Memcal included
• Silicone hose connections
• All stainless clamps
• Polished light weight alloy boost pipes (finished in textured black Powdercoat)
• Heavy duty unbreakable Supercharger mounting brackets
• New drive belt for engine and SC
• 32mm Plumb back CBV


Supercharger with billet compressor wheel – Raptor VLB – 30 and VLBX – 30


Engine Kw235 – 330 Kw
Wheel Kw 200Kw ++
PSI Boost10 10 – 14 psi
% Power Gain55% ++