Supercharger systems for the Holden Ecotec V6, the Raptor systems are unmatched in developing terrific power gains for a reasonable price. A polished supercharger is optional if you need your ride to be looking great under the bonnet.

Memcals (VS-VT) and remaps (VU, VX and VY) are provided with all complete kits

As a side note we recommend all automatic transmission cars being fitted with Raptor Intercooled systems should have a Stage 1 shift kit installed for best transmission performance.

These systems are not matched for performance for $$$ by any other system available.

This system is suitable for stroker V6 engines if the supercharger is ordered with optional billet impeller (2 types of billet compressor impeller are available)

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• Simple fitting
• Pro Street most powerful base system in Aus
• Big Torque improvement
• Excellent cruise fuel economy
• DIY in a day
• Most simple to fit SC system for Holden V6
• Out powers all other blower systems on power per psi
• Supercharger has some excess capacity for stroker motors
• Every kit supplied with MEMCAL

Parts included

• Raptor VL-30 Supercharger
• 6 x 36lb injectors
• Brackets and pipework
• Coil relocation bracket/s
• Pod filter
• Tuned Memcal included
• Silicone hose connections
• Intercooler system only for VT models
• All stainless clamps
• Polished light weight alloy boost pipes (finished in textured black Powdercoat)
• Heavy duty unbreakable Supercharger mounting brackets
• New drive belt for engine and SC
• 32mm Plumb back CBV



Description ProStreet
Engine Kw 235 - 350 Kw
Wheel Kw  200Kw ++
PSI Boost 9 - 14 psi
% Power Gain 55% ++

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