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The Alloytec V6 has received the very best of all technologies on offer from Raptor Superchargers. The new system is offered with much higher power potential, quiet operation and boost range from 9-11psi. The system incorporates the Raptor VLCBX-30 with billet compressor wheel incorporating 4 new technological updates.

This system features a liquid cooled supercharger, water to air intercooler system and short path pipework for immediate boost response. This is the first choice for VZ V6 owners considering a premium quality supercharger system.

The Alloytec V6 is a largely overlooked engine, yet the technological updates it brought to the Commodore means it produces a crazy amount of extra horsepower very easily when supercharged. With around 400rwhp with just 12psi of boost and only an updated intake plenum there is no previous Holden V6 that even comes close.

NO CUTTING OF THE VEHICLE REQUIRED anywhere. The premium system for Alloytec will support over 400rwhp with E85 fuel.

Available in Polished or Black – your choice!



  • • Only comes as intercooled system – extensive kit parts
  • • Quiet and huge power increases –
  • • Significant improvement in torque – 70% +
  • • Minimal additional maintainence
  • • Single belt drive
  • • A competitive price which includes the fuel system
  • • Simple fitting – DIY friendly


Parts included

  • • A liquid cooled – low interia Raptor VLCBX-30 Supercharger
  • • Supercharger bracket, belt & idler
  • • 550cc injectors
  • • 600hp Capacity intercooler
  • • PWR radiator for the WTA intercooler system – rated for 6.0 liter SC engine
  • • 32mm BOV with recirc and competition options
  • • Engine Breather Catch can system
  • • 3.5″ air intake to supercharger for maximum efficiency
  • • High capacity liquid circulation pump for the Intercooler system


DescriptionPro Street Intercooled Premium
Engine Kw350 – 400 Kw
Wheel Kw260 – 305 Kw
PSI Boost10 – 12 psi
% Power Gain110%+