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Subaru Liberty/Legacy 5GEN-H6 3.6-EZ36 Header Kits

Raptor performance pioneered an aftermarket high performance header set specially for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty with H6 EZ36 engine.

Raptor headers typically offer torque/power increases across the entire engine operating range these headers are the very best on offer for Subaru H6 anywhere in the world.

Jig welded and laser cut flanges guarantee a perfect fit every time. The headers currently offered are offered for all 5GEN Liberty/Legacy cars all with 3.6 engine in RHD and LHD.

The original, the best and always the lowest price

 subaru6-01  subaru6-02


• 10mm thick flanges
• Designed for torque increase
• Higher flow potential that OEM manifolds
• Premium performance merge collector
• Does not trigger CEL
• Catalytic converters remain in standard position
• Ships to any country in the world


Parts included

• Weld on flange plates –sized to suit factory pre cat pipe
• Flange bolts
• Downloadable fitting instructions
• Packed to prevent damage during shipment
• Stickers
• Engine and flange gaskets


DescriptionStainless Polished
Engine Kw
Wheel Kw
PSI Boost
% Power GainUp to 15% Potential gain


AUD $455/USD330 (US FOR O/S customers)