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Subaru Liberty/Legacy H4 2.5i MYO4 Kits

Powering up the 2.5i for the Liberty MY04 is always a thought, the car is solid but the motor needs to give more!

The ever successful Raptor superchargers solutions for Subaru has stepped up again to deliver a solid increase in driving pleasure through a massive torque increase.

To complete the installation of this system on early model Gen 4 Liberty/Legacy you need an ECU solution so vehicle can be tuned.

 subaru2-01  subaru2-02


• Subaru 2.5i Power boost
• Raptor VL supercharger
• Significant gains in TQ and POWER
• Can be upgraded for more psi


Parts included

• Raptor V L Supercharger
• WTA Air intercooler system
• 32 mm BOV with plumb back option
• Complete set of high flow injectors
• Bosch Intercooler pump


DescriptionLiberty/Legacy ProStreet
Engine Kw210 Kw
Wheel Kw151 Kw
PSI Boost7 psi
% Power Gain45%