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Subaru Liberty/Legacy H6 3.0 RAM AIR CAI Kits

An extremely low restriction RAM AIR intake for the EZ30 engine. This intake allows the EZ30 to breath properly beyond 4000rpm rather than be significantly restricted.

The RAM INTAKE is the only aftermarket intake proven to allow your EZ30 to develop every last possible kw of power – an upgrade you need

Delivering up to 10kw extra power. This part must only be fitted when accompanied with a professionally tuned ECU due to the massive flow area increase

This product has been in production in extremely limited numbers for nearly 10 years, and the results shown by customers are always the highest NA power numbers. The use of the Ram Intake and Raptor headers as a combo with dyno tuning will give you numbers no other combo can – proven fact


Raptor RAM INTAKE installed on Subaru Liberty/Legacy w/EZ30 engine


• Easy to install CAI – all parts included
• Boost power across entire RPM band, with particular focus beyond 5000rpm
• The intake sound is of a high tuned flat 6, the intake does improve intake acoustics


Parts included:

• CAI RAM TUBE and high flow 45 degree bend
• High flow pod filter
• Air filter mount
• Enclosure box in wrinkle black finish



AUD $580 + Shipping