Toyota FJ Cruiser system 2010 – 2016 DVVTI

Raptor Superchargers has designed/tested a supercharger system for the Toyota FJ Cruiser (200kw Double VVTI version) as delivered worldwide (2010 – 2019). The feature rich system has a liquid cooled supercharger, intercooler (water to air type), short path intercooler pipe work and dual stage air filter system.

The R1GRFE engine is an exceptional engine in stock form, however it can yield incredible torque/power increases very easily with just a small amount of boost pressure. The easily fitted Raptor system complete with ECU pre-programmed will instantly increase power from 200kw to 310kw in one safe step. The supercharger package includes fuel system and tuning for ease of installation, fit and turn the key and go. Save yourself thousands of dollars, get the Raptor Supercharger system for your FJ, the only 100% complete system for the advertised price.

No other system produced anywhere else in the world compares!

DO IT YOURSELF RATING – ADVANCED/DIFFICULT (no specialised tools needed, plenty of time needed)


The default appearance of the system is a black textured finish

Intercooler radiator visible if polished or hidden if black

Fitted with Raptor Supercharger kit - increase your adventure possibilities

The snorkel compatible airbox is optional - finished in textured black - powder coat. ($880) option. Has 4" inlet for snorkel connection, also connects to all 3" snorkels


• Efficient with huge power increases - a gain of 100% power and 70% torque from factory standard
• Staggering Power increase (Range 290 - 320Kw Engine) ** Upgraded exhaust system is required for all levels of this kit. Headers, cats (2.5") and 3" tail pipe/cat-back
• Very simple to fit, DIY friendly
• Pre-tuned piggyback ECU for reliability and safe power. (wire in by auto electrician)
• Lowest cost - Massive power - The Raptor kit is not beaten in price or power
• 1 Year warranty on the FJ PowerCore PREMIUM supercharger kit
• The system is available to most FJ owners worldwide (we ship to all locations)

Parts included

All parts included
• Brackets, idlers and new 7PK engine belt
• ECU remap (POWERGATE TOOL PG3 included in kit, tune file installed)
• Integrated Water to air intercooler - Huge cooling capacity
• Raptor VLCBX - 30 Supercharger unit rated up to 350Kw(engine) for FJ R1GRFE DVVTI
• Pod type air filter Dual stage for maximum dust filtering
• 88mm intake pipe
• High capacity intercooler radiator (polished or black)
• Dual high performance active cooling fans for the WTA radiator
• Dust proof dual air filter system

• 550cc injectors - direct fit

Optional Part

  • Snorkel compatible airbox


Description FJ PowerCore PREMIUM Supercharger system
Engine Kw 290 - 320+ Kw
Wheel Kw 190 - 240 + Kw
PSI Boost 7.0 psi
% Power Gain 75– 100%

                                                   CUSTOM TUNING RESULT

205kw at wheels

                    Dyno chart for the Raptor Supplied tune ~205kw at the tires (stock tires)

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