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Partial kit

Cleveland V8 Raptor

RELEASE DATE: ~ 20th April 2024 (with new pics to replace the pic above)

The supercharger kit will be offered only with the Raptor RCBX supercharger across the 3 engine sizes

The kit will comprise:

  1. Billet alloy crank pulley
  2. Supercharger mounting bracket with autotensioner system
  3. 7PK belt system
  4. Carburettor/EFI throttle body bonnet
  5. Pipework with integral BOV from SC to carb bonnet
  6. All finished in black
  7. Air filter will be provided, and some silicone bends for the intake side
  8. Raptor RCBX Supercharger head unit with 7PK pulley supplied to be around 10psi boost pressure (you can option less or a bit more boost)


To mount the supercharger kit, the engine must have cylinder heads featuring the OEM 4 bolt pattern on the front of the passenger side cylinder head

The kit is designed to bolt directly to an engine with either single or double Vee crank pulley, but is not likely compatible with the later 3 Vee pulley crank pulley

Supercharger kit pricing Cleveland V8
Partial kitSupercharger, bracket (black), belt, billet crank pulley, BOV and autotensioner $4300
Complete system for Carb/TB EFISupercharger, bracket, belt, billet pulley, BOV, Carb hat, pressure pipe, intake and air filter$5400
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