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Raptor performance pioneered an aftermarket header set specially for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty with H6 EZ30 engine. Offering torque increases across most of the engine operating range these headers are the very best on offer for a Subaru H6 anywhere in the world. Showing 20kw gain in peak power and nearly 30kw extra at 7300rpm, some very significant torque increases.

Jig welded and laser cut flanges guarantee a perfect fit every time. The headers currently offered are offered for all Liberty/Legacy cars all with 3.0 engine in RHD and LHD.

The dyno results shown were after engine was retuned to maximise the potential the new headers offered. Engine was max tuned prior to fitting headers, so gains are entirely due to headers. The without tuning the headers offer 5-7kw gains in peak power/torque and huge 20+kw gain at 7300rpm. Tuned by XRT of Barbados.

Subaru EZ30/EZ36 Header Inquiry

 subaru6-01  subaru6-02

Example of headers fitted to 4GEN Liberty/Legacy, no cats. Normally cats are fitted


• 10mm thick flanges
• Tested for torque increase
• Higher flow potential that stock manifolds
• Premium performance merge collector
• Polished stainless steel – mirror finish
• Does not trigger CEL
• Catalytic converters remain in standard position
• Ships to any country in the world


Parts included

• Weld on flange plates (welding and cutting is necessary during fitment)
• Flange bolts
• Downloadable fitting instructions
• Packed to prevent damage during shipment
• Stickers
• Engine and flange gaskets


DescriptionStainless Polished
Engine Kw
Wheel Kw
PSI Boost
% Power GainUp to 15% Potential gain


AUD $455/USD330 (US FOR O/S customers)