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6GEN Liberty/Legacy 3.6R Supercharger System

A refined and powerful supercharger option for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty 6GEN w/EZ36R engine and CVT transmission 2015 – 2021year models

Suits Legacy, Outback and Liberty 3.6R – Globally

A supercharger system for this model of Subaru is exclusive to Raptor Superchargers.

The CVT transmission that this car features means that when full power is required, the boost of the centrifugal supercharger is kept at a near constant pressure meaning the same effect as if a big positive displacement supercharger was fitted, except 2x more efficient at high power ratings.

ECU TUNE is additional cost – ask about this when you enquire

This kit ships to all countries of the world

DIY system – This system proven extremely reliable; torque output matched to the CVT capacity

Cat back exhaust system is minimum requirement for SC system to develop strong power increase – Raptor performance headers and high flow catalyst are needed to realise the full advertised power of the system – an extra $320.00 (USD) for the headers


• Sub 6.5 second 0-100kmh acceleration – CVT enhanced
• Proven Raptor VL-30 Supercharger for use on Subaru vehicles
• Reflash ECU – tuning support for customers Globally
• Very easy fitment – minimal tools needed
• Kit fits under existing engine covers
• Completely and easily reversible
• Fitment time DIY – allow yourself 2hrs for relaxed install
• Will fit all Legacy, Outback and Liberty 3.6R Globally
• 3 Year warranty on Supercharger system parts

Parts included:

• Belt, bracket and drive system for SC kit
• Air filter sock for dusty conditions
• Air cooled supercharger
• Air Filter – cold air pick up
• BOV atmo – 32mm

• New MAF meter mount
• Drive belt, auto-tensioner and additional idlers
• MAF wire extension harness

Pricing – VL series supercharger

Non Intercooled 98 octane and E85 kit (**extra cost for injectors and pump for E85) See next image down. Fitting time – approx. 1 -2hrs

DescriptionH6 3.6 ProStreet  NON intercooled & E85
Engine Kw 300 (350+ if E85)
Wheel Kw200 – 220kw+
PSI Boost~7psi
% Power Gain40%