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Ford Falcon 5.4 V8 Supercharger Systems

New product for the Ford 5.4 owners (all years), DIY at home huge power gain

Kit includes fuel system, is 9psi, can be increased to 13psi with optional pulleys

Easy upgrade, home DIY for the experienced car maintainers

Very finished appearance – with option custom plenum plate to display the new power rating of your engine

Kit includes everything you need, fuel system, complete in every detail, you arrange the tuning only

BOSS 5.4 front view
Passenger side view

The following standard features

  • Raptor RCBX Supercharger (air cooled)
  • 636cc injectors (Siemens DEKA)
  • 32mm BOV
  • 6PK Auto tensioned secondary drive for the supercharger
  • 2 Bar MAP sensor and sensor loom adaptor
  • No cutting of the vehicle
  • Fit with everyday tools
  • Easy fitting
  • Offering a range of boost pressure options
  • Black finish on all kit parts
  • AEM Water/Methanol stage 2 injection kit – with injector pre installed into supercharger housing (achieve full power on 95 octane fuel)
  • 12 Month Warranty – on all supplied parts

Optional Extras

  • Customised Plenum plate – can supply with BOSS 400 lettering or other numbers/information to show who is BOSS. Complete new plate
  • Ask about higher boost pulley sizes



DescriptionBOSS-R kit (suit BA – FG 5.4 V8)
Engine Kw450 – 500 Kw
Wheel Kw335 – 400 Kw
PSI Boost10 -13psi (the kit as shown above is 10psi)
% Power Gain70%
Price $7950.00