A refined and powerful supercharger option for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty/Tribeca with H6 3.0 Engine. These cars are truly magnificent examples of Subaru engineering and style, now it is possible to significantly enhance the torque and power with a simple bolt on kit. 0-100kmh - 5.5 secs or less

Suits Legacy and Liberty (3.0 only) - Globally

This kit has exceptional features that no other manufacturer will ever be able to provide - Get Raptor - Get a Premium Supercharger System - Liquid cooled supercharger, clutched supercharger and anodized supercharger - PREMIUM. As of 28/05/2019 a new kit option is added down in the pricing section - Race version kit

ECU TUNE is additional cost - ask about this when you inquire. Cat back exhaust system is minimum requirement for SC system to develop strong power increase

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Power range 185 - 250kw at wheels / 250 - 335hp at wheels

Raptor Supercharged Intercooled EZ30


Raptor Supercharged Intercooled EZ30



• A WTA intercooler - Raptor modified
• Watercooled - low interia Raptor VLCBX-30 Supercharger
• High output system matched to H6 engine
• 1 Year Warranty on the supercharger at 8.5 - 10psi
• Engine cover can be refitted
• 5 second 0-100kmh acceleration for 3.0 auto well tuned - much quicker for manual
• Fill the low speed torque hole of the H6 - completely
• Compatible with other Raptor components for this engine
• DIY system - allow a steady weekend to complete your install from scratc

Parts included

• 6 x 440cc - 550cc injectors
• WTA Air intercooler system
• Air Filter - cold air pick up
• Plumb back Blow off valve - 32mm
• Dual Stage Air filter sytem - dusty conditions
• Billet MAF mount
• Longer drive belt and idler pulley system
• High strength SC mounting system
• A liquid cooled - low interia Raptor VLCBX-30 Supercharger


Description H6 3.0 ProStreet Intercooled
Engine Kw 300 Kw++
Wheel Kw 210 Kw
PSI Boost 9 - 9.5 psi
% Power Gain 70% ++


Extreme level system for circuit and endurance racing

This system includes the Raptor VLCBX-30R supercharger with liquid and high pressure air cooling of the supercharger.  Also includes the ID1050X injectors and E85 compatible fuel pump for easy transition to E85 fuel. A smaller pulley is fitted - provides exceptional street performance

Description H6 3.0 ProStreet Intercooled RACE
Engine Kw 320 Kw++
Wheel Kw 230 Kw
PSI Boost 10 - 11.5psi
% Power Gain 70% ++

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