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A refined and powerful supercharger option for the Subaru Legacy/Liberty/Tribeca with H6 3.0 Engine. These cars are truly magnificent examples of Subaru engineering and style, now it is possible to significantly enhance the torque and power with a simple bolt on kit. 0-100kmh – 5.5 secs or less

Suits Legacy and Liberty (3.0 only) – Globally

This kit has exceptional features that no other manufacturer will ever be able to provide – Get Raptor – Get a Premium Supercharger System – Liquid cooled supercharger, clutched supercharger and anodized supercharger – PREMIUM. As of 28/05/2019 a new kit option is added down in the pricing section – Race version kit

ECU TUNE is additional cost – ask about this when you inquire. Cat back exhaust system is minimum requirement for SC system to develop strong power increase

Power range 185 – 250kw at wheels / 250 – 335hp at wheels



• A WTA intercooler – Raptor modified
• Watercooled – low interia Raptor VLCBX-30 Supercharger
• High output system matched to H6 engine
• 1 Year Warranty on the supercharger at 8.5 – 10psi
• Engine cover can be refitted
• 5 second 0-100kmh acceleration for 3.0 auto well tuned – much quicker for manual
• Fill the low speed torque hole of the H6 – completely
• Compatible with other Raptor components for this engine
• DIY system – allow a steady weekend to complete your install from scratc

Parts included

• 6 x 440cc – 550cc injectors
• WTA Air intercooler system
• Air Filter – cold air pick up
• Plumb back Blow off valve – 32mm
• Dual Stage Air filter sytem – dusty conditions
• Billet MAF mount
• Longer drive belt and idler pulley system
• High strength SC mounting system
• A liquid cooled – low interia Raptor VLCBX-30 Supercharger


DescriptionH6 3.0 ProStreet Intercooled
Engine Kw300 Kw++
Wheel Kw210 Kw
PSI Boost9 – 9.5 psi
% Power Gain70% ++



Circuit Pro System

This system features the high specification Raptor VLCBX-30R supercharger with liquid and high pressure air cooling of the supercharger. This upgrade provides higher levels of reliability when operating car constantly at or near full throttle. This system is the only choice for owners wanting to do track work

DescriptionH6 3.0 ProStreet Intercooled RACE
Engine Kw~320 Kw++
Wheel Kw~230 Kw
PSI Boost10 psi
% Power Gain70% ++