The lowest price partial kit for the LS1 Engine in the world

These parts are the basics you need to start boosting your LS1 on a budget

The NEW Raptor RCBX supercharger has now been released and is set to be featured as our boosting platform for the LS1 engine with an easy 9psi on the base pulley - non intercooled

LS1 Partial kit

LS1 Partial kit (parts brands may vary)


  • Raptor RCBX Supercharger - quiet, cool and powerful
  • Simple to fit bracket system - the easiest of any system for LS1
  • Single belt drive
  • 9psi + boost pressure
  • 32mm BOV -diaphragm type
  • 2 Bar MAP sensor
  • 4"/102mm intake
  • Excellent torque characteristics due the airflow dynamics of the billet impeller

Parts included - see picture above

  • Raptor RCBX Supercharger
  • Engine belt
  • Airfilter
  • Quickfit bracket assembly, with idlers and bolts
  • 4" Silicon intake hoses and joiners
  • 2 Bar Map sensor

Parts you need to source to make this into a kit

  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel pump
  • Pressure side pipework
  • Tuning
  • Coolant header tank
  • Intercooler OR water methanol injection system
  • Vertical flow intercooler (OPTIONAL)


Description LS1 ProStreet Partial kit
Engine Kw  450 - 640Kw
Wheel Kw 335 - 500Kw
PSI Boost 8++ psi
% Power Gain 40% ++
$3950.00 + postage

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