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The Raptor supercharger kits for VU, VX and VY are the premium power producing option, immense torque and power production. This kit is an easy DIY or we can nominate an installer for you.

This kit has no equal in that everything you need is featured and the ECU is professionally updated so your vehicle performs flawlessly.

The supercharger kit can extend to 250rwkw if needed, you only need to add supporting parts such as intercooler, high performance camshaft and retuning

ProStreet (Stage 1) dyno chart shown – non intercooled

A good extractor/header and exhaust system is needed to achieve the power figures shown.


Highest potential hp from the SC kit on an ECOTEC


• Very easy to fit, just a few hours work and you are on the road
• Strong throttle response
• Very upgradeable to intercooled, reverse plenum etc
• Ultimate torque curve, across whole operating band. Stage 1 is 470Nm @ engine
• The most powerful Stage 1 system for these models of Commodore V6
• Custom kits can be made up for vehicles with V6 engine conversions – ie V6 Gemini


Parts included

• Pod type air filter
• Raptor VL Supercharger unit 300Kw+ rating
• 6 x 36lb injectors
• Brackets and pipework
• Retuned factory ECU or memcal for earlier models
• 6 Rib drive belt
• Polished metal piping
• 32mm Plumb back BOV

Optional extras:

Supercharger with billet compressor wheel – Raptor VLB – 30 and VLBX – 30


Engine Kw250 – 350 Kw
Wheel Kw185 Kw++
PSI Boost 10 – 14 psi
% Power Gain60% ++