FORD FG FALCON 4.0 DOHC KITS – Suits FG Mk1 to 2012

The most easy to fit and lowest priced centrifugal supercharger system for Falcon FG 4.0. Up to 420 rwhp potential as proven by our customers!

The supercharger is fitted with the widely acclaimed billet high flow impeller as standard fitment, boosting sooner and higher than competitive products.

With enclosed air intake system and recirc 32mm BOV air the system meets the obvious engineering and environmental requirements for this high end supercharger system.

If you want the absolute maximum power from this kit, then make the correct fuel system modifications for E85 and run that fuel + water meth injection

Fits all FG Falcons that feature an air conditioning compressor that mounts with 4 bolts

An upgraded exhaust system is essential to gain the full results, headers, 3" (100cell) catalyst and 3" rear pipe (exhaust system not part of supercharger kit)


  • • Very easy to fit
  • • Raptor VLBX- 30 Supercharger - Billet advanced tech impeller
  • • Incredible power and torque gains
  • • 12 Month warranty on system parts
  • Integrated appearance

Parts included

  • • POD air filter
  • • Raptor VLB supercharger
  • • 60lb injectors
  • • 32mm BOV
  • • 2 BAR MAP sensor
  • • Brackets, idlers and new 6PK belt
  • • Silicon and polished alloy pipe work
  • • Pod Filter shield
  • Universal 325 lph fuel pump


Description FG ProStreet - Suit series 1 FG only (no tune supplied)
Engine KW 330 - 400 Kw
Wheel KW 255 - 320 Kw
PSI Boost 9 PSI up to 11psi
% Power Gain 60%+

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