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Supercharger Models


Raptor VL-30, VLB -30, and VLCB -30

Most compact centrifugal supercharger manufactured in Australia

The Raptor V is unsurpassed for power development potential due to the low boost temperature rise. This supercharger is the only centrifugal supercharger to boast forced transmission air-cooling which prevents heat transfer into the compressor wheel as well the ceramic coating on comp wheel thus increasing Hp potential. A fully featured head unit for a competitive price

• Very compact supercharger unit
• Anodised Colour options
• Made from billet alloy and cast alloy materials
• All fasteners are stainless steel
• 5, 6 and 7 rib belt pulley options
• Will sustain power increases of greater than 100% in some applications
• Sealed SKF ceramic ball bearing technology for maintenance free operation
• Full helix impeller, in cast, billet and ultimate billet options
• Up to 10psi measured at compressor discharge for engines up to 4 liter
• Applicable for engines up to 4.5 liter at pressures up to 9 psi
• **New Water cooling option – VLCB
• 12 Anodised colour options to match vehicle colour
• Optional: Decoupler pulley system for Race and extreme road applications
• Optional: Light weight rotor assembly – 20% reduction over first version


Model VL-30, VLB-30 and VLCB-30
Suit Engine <5.0 Litre
Impeller Diameter 128 mm – Billet option (134mm)
Inlet Hose 82 mm
Discharge Hose 63 mm
Pressure 8 – 14 psi (applications specific)
Weight 5.5 kg
Bearings Ball Ceramic
$1850 – 2450.00 AUD inc GST

Raptor R Supercharger

Raptor R – the new large frame supercharger from Raptor

With a billet impeller, liquid cooling and high flow rates this supercharger is ideal for all engines >5.7 liter capacity. There is a very practical face mounting system and the compressor cover can be clocked at any position. There are optional features like anodising in your desired colour, clutch drive, polished finish and more

• Billet Alloy impeller of advanced design
• Liquid cooled transmission. Supercharger supplied with cooling system parts (radiator, pump and reservoir)
• High Flow Raptor R compressor cover
• Bolts up to all existing Raptor mounting systems (providing there is sufficient space)
• No lubrication needed … ever
• Great for large capacity engines
• Zero maintenance


Model Raptor R – RLCB Supercharger
Suit Engine 4.0 litre >
Impeller Diameter 146 mm
Inlet Hose 100 mm
Discharge Hose 75 mm
Pressure 7 – 14 psi (application specific)
Weight 6.5 kg
Bearings Ceramic High Speed
$2900.00 AUD inc GST