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Toyota Hilux Generation 8 V6 Supercharger system/s (2015 -)

The v1GRFE engine is an exceptional engine in stock form (unchanged since 2005) however it can yield incredible power increases very easily with just a small amount of supercharging. The easily fitted Raptor system complete with ECU preprogrammed will instantly increase power from 175 to 280kw at the first little step, then with intercooling and liquid cooled supercharger the power may exceed 340kw.

The NEW Hilux is “unbreakable”, the Raptor kit makes this Hilux “unbeatable” by almost anything else.

Suitable for N80 2WD and 4WD vehicles

The systems below feature a 2 year warranty on full kits

This kit has exceptional features that no other manufacturer will ever be able to provide – Get Raptor – Get the Best – at a low price

The full kit (both kits) prices INCLUDE ECU with a loaded tune to get you started

No one else in Australia specialises in the N80 V6 like Raptor does

**It is essential that you upgrade your entire exhaust system in order to achieved the power outputs quoted on this page




Chart for Hilux 2WD with high boost (below)


• V6 4.0 liter complete Kits
• Efficient with huge power increases
• Low parts count
• Staggering Power increase (Range 270 – 325Kw) ** Upgraded exhaust sytem is required for all levels of this kit
• Ultra high torque gains 465 – 570Nm (depends on Stage)
• Very simple to fit, DIY friendly
• Pretuned ECU, saves tuning time. This is a wire in system
• Massive power – The Raptor kit is not beaten in price or power
• 2 Year warranty on the Hilux PowerCore kits

** If installed by Raptor in Cairns Qld the install cost is $850 for PowerCore kit and $950 for PowerCore Premium – includes tuning


Parts included

• All parts included
• Brackets, idlers and new 7PK belt
• Prosequential ECU – preprogrammed (power core kit) – direct plug in. No wire cutting
• Integrated Water to air intercooler – Huge cooling capacity
• Raptor V Supercharger unit rated up to 350Kw(engine) for Hilux
• Pod type air filter Dual stage for maximum dust filtering – not yet snorkle compatible for 4WD models
• 88mm intake pipe



DescriptionPowercore (ask about other options)
Engine Kw275 Kw
Wheel Kw205 Kw (~270rwhp)
PSI Boost5.8 psi
% Power Gain